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Save the staple torch logo, all branding around the two-weekend Montauk party had no “Tinder” in site.

So far, this stealth approach has been consistent across the board as the Select team partly looks to underground events to onboard new users and build awareness of the venture.

Only a few months ago, news of Tinder’s invite-only feature, Select, hit the radio waves.

Since then, the operation has been hiding in plain sight, popping up with underground events around four corners of the globe: a speakeasy in Austin during SXSW, a chateau in the South of France for Cannes Film Festival, a takeover of the newly opened The Curtain in London, and most recently, two weekends at a seaside mid-century modern mansion in Montauk.

Though, as Shirky identifies, building those layers actually diverges from the common tendency toward low-cost expansion.In an endless supply of people, it is unclear how committed people would be to one person if there is always somebody out there who is more interested, potentially more exciting and so on,” explains Dan Ariely, James B.Duke professor of psychology and behavioral economics.One of Select’s hardest tasks will be opening up Tinder users to this new way of thinking, making it a place that the upper echelon are comfortable flcoking to.Indeed, the iconic Tinder flame currently strikes a very specific perception among millennials and others who are familiar with the app. It introduces you to people successfully around the world.

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