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There are state laws and federal laws that you should check before you start recording phone calls. 2510 et seq., prohibits the willful interception of telephone communication by means of any electronic, mechanical, or other device without an applicable exemption. Even if it's a state law from the state of the person you called and not your own state.

A good source for checking this is which is a great guide to state and federal laws. In the absence of more restrictive state law, it is permissible to intercept and record a telephone conversation if one or both of the parties to the call consents. Speakerphone: If you don't want to spend any money, this is probably the cheapest possible way you can record phone calls.

If you run your own podcast show, these recording methods work great for podcasting telephone calls.

Or maybe you'd just like to tap and record someone else's phone line, or even a public phone.

These are great for tapping lines - you could hide one of these in a closet with a tape recorder and nobody would ever know that their phone calls were being recorded.

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This site does not condone breaking and state or federal laws when tapping and/or recording a phone call. In the end, if you get into some kind of trouble over recording a phone call, they can use whatever federal or state law they want against you.I own both of them and they both appear to do the exact same thing even though one is more expensive than the other.The expensive model is .49 and claims to be "smart." The part number is In-line Phone Cassette Recorder: This device works just like a regular in-line recorder but it has the added convenience of having a tape recorder built into it.I've been recording my telephone calls since the mid-80's so this is my tutorial on various ways to record your phone calls.There are a lot of different reasons you might want to record your phone calls.

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