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The Biotechnology Institute Thurgau (BITg) is an academic research institution located in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

The institute focuses on application-oriented basic research in the field of tumor biology, immunology and cell biology.

Thanks to its geographical position, between an Alpine climatic zone and a Mediterranean one and with vineyards growing at only 200 meters above sea level and at over 1,000, South Tyrol is Italy’s smallest winegrowing area.

It has a high density of PDO wines (Protected Designation of Origin).

South Tyrol is a small but faceted winegrowing region.

Unique in its field in Italy, it is a region where 20 different grape varieties are cultivated on a land of 13,000 acres, which yelds 50,000 hectoliters (3.9 million cases) of wine.

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In 720 AD, under the commissioner Corbinio, first bishop of Freising, vineyards landed in Burggrafenamt.Our research activities are assessed by a distinguished advisory board.The high quality of our research is thus guaranteed.Findings of seeds dating back to the Iron (Stufels near Brixen) and archaeological findings dating back to 400 BC witness that winegrowing was practised in South Tyrol already 3,000 years ago.Probably the earliest sources date back to before the Romans and to the wine produced by the Rhaetian.

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