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What is the most embarrassing way one man can demean another . Rap is merely a reflection of society, Dahn said, and society in general is largely homophobic.

He said many of the people surrounding big hip hop stars, stylists, managers, ect., are gay.

Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug has courted controversy by wearing dresses and calling his homeboys “bae.” Jaden Smith, son of rapper-turned-actor Will Smith, faced backlash when he was recently pictured wearing a dress.

Todd Dahn, a hip hop producer who recently came out of the closet in an article on Rap Rehab titled, “Loving Myself as a Gay Man in Hip Hop,” understands what’s it like to be a gay man in the rap world.

“I don’t think an artist of Jay Z’s caliber would ever come out of the closet,” Dahn said.

“Their brand would suffer too much disruption.” According to Dahn, if a major rapper ever came out, it would be a controversy for a while — until the media found something else to talk about.

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