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You can imagine how much fun it is to advise people what to uninstall when the list in Control Panel looks like this. Its job is to get the Office 365 credentials from a user when the program is installed, then provide them to the Office 365 service whenever they are required, all completely invisibly.You’re not supposed to have to put your Office 365 password when you click into the Office 365 portal or Outlook Web Access or Sharepoint portal.The only answer was to shut down Outlook completely and sort things out with the sign in program.That was never clearly understood by end users so Microsoft reworked the process for Office 365.We don’t care whether the Microsoft server is named ch1prd0404.or pod51009.In one perceptive forum message, though, “White Knight” found that every time one of his users was prompted for a password, the underlying server had changed for the mailbox.Behind the scenes the sign-in assistant is taking care of that for you. As I understand it, the sign-in assistant does not interact with Outlook.

It’s usually when Outlook starts but occasionally happens in the middle of the day.

A different program is installed for Office 365 and the old sign in program is removed.

To Microsoft’s eternal shame, the new program has an almost identical name, “Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant,” apparently to make this as confusing as possible.

He reports Office 365 mailboxes that have gone through seven different servers.

Either Microsoft is making more changes than expected as they balance out the Office 365 load, or there’s an error in the way the servers are set up that causes them to challenge users too often. 1: INSTALL OFFICE UPDATES In my experience, the repeated password prompts are happening far more often with Outlook 2007 than with Outlook 2010.

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