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Read more The industry is starting to wake from its Christmas slumber.

A trio of new titles are lined-up for the Xbox One, while the PS4 is due to receive double that figure.

Sometimes, this is a way of avoiding the Bag of Spilling problem.

Mission-Pack Sequel games are especially prone to using this, as the sequel is usually built on the same basic code as the previous entry, so it's easy to port over content.

Never Stop Sneakin’ (£11.69) is a game that EDGE quite liked, awarding it an 8/10. Visually, it’s intended look similar to a certain PSone stealth classic.

This humorous stealth adventure features randomly generated levels, and boss battles against such foes as Dr. 2D brawler Art of Fighting 2 (£6.29) is this week’s Neo Geo re-release.

The Wii U also gains a new Breakout clone, in the form of Breakout Defense 2 (£5.99).

Reviews went live earlier today, mostly being a mixture of 7s and 8s.It’s a boss-rush hack and slasher, with colourful abstract visuals and a tough – but not unfair – difficulty level.If you’re up for a challenge, it’s a worthwhile purchase.Super Meat Boy, Furi and The Escapists 2 are this week’s releases destined to climb the e Shop chart high, having already proven popular on other formats.Furi (£17.99) debuted as a PS Plus freebie, and is often referred to as an El Shaddai spiritual successor.

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