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They were more likely to have been prescribed antibiotics, allergy drugs, and fever medications; fitted with ventilation ear tubes; visited a doctor in the previous year for a health issue; and been hospitalized.

Readers can consult the study for the specific numbers, but we can extrapolate that the healthcare costs of vaccinated children are at least twice that of unvaccinated children—not counting the real costs of caring for children with NDD and chronically sick children for a lifetime. The sample size (666 children) is relatively small, and self-reporting surveys can be unreliable.

The Academy specifically recommends focusing on the health outcomes of both vaccinated and unvaccinated children, the long-term cumulative effects of vaccines, the timing of vaccinations in relation to the child’s age, the total number of vaccines given, the total number of vaccines given at one time, and the effect of vaccine adjuvants.

Each day my goal is to minimize their toxic exposure and to ensure the best possible nutrition for them, which leads to very healthy bodies.Yet we discovered that there are better and safer ways to deal with those risks than vaccination. Following the DTa P vaccination, my oldest got her first and only ear infection and then a year of chronic colds, while my youngest daughter developed a sleep disorder.My Vaccine Research I began researching vaccines in 2007 when I was pregnant with our first child. Jay Gordon was my pediatrician growing up and since I have always held him in a high regard he was the first person I turned to. These reactions caused me to dig much deeper into the vaccine story. After thoroughly investigating and carefully weighing the risks and benefits of each vaccine, we have concluded that the current vaccines are not safe for our children and that they are not required for the optimum health of our children. My husband and I are educated people as well as responsible parents and citizens. My name is Brittney Kara and my husband and I are parents who have chosen not to continue vaccinating our children.

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