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Human Rights Watch’s investigations uncovered numerous other cases of abuses.In Balkh, the provincial governor, Atta Mohammad Noor, is widely credited with maintaining relative stability and prosperity compared to other provinces.My father was sitting there and said: ‘Say your whole kalima [the Muslim profession of faith], because I think today we shall all die.’They told me: ‘You must tell us that you are Taliban, that you have weapons, and are a Talib.’ After seven or eight days, they threatened me with their guns and said: ‘We will kill you. After 10-11 days, they [again] intimidated me with their guns. They said: ‘It is very easy for us to kill you.’ More than 13 years after the overthrow of the Taliban government, Afghans continue to suffer serious human rights abuses by government and military officials and their agents.

While the perpetrators are not representative of the Afghan security forces as a whole, their actions have an impact in Afghanistan that extends beyond the immediate victims, as they degrade the commitments to human rights, justice, and the rule of law that Afghanistan has made in its constitution and international treaties.

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I went on the roof of the house and saw we were surrounded by armed men....

The signal this sent may have done as much to encourage impunity as did the US support Khalid received while in office.

The cases presented in this report are not intended to provide a comprehensive survey of human rights violations in Afghanistan by government and affiliated forces.

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