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“You don’t need to be a sap,” says Popp, “but you can take a moment to listen and think about how your behaviour affects others and how you are being perceived.” She warns “not to swing too far the other way,” though, because it could seem disingenuous if you’re suddenly interested in every little detail of people’s lives if you weren’t before.

More than anything, just take the time to listen to what your colleagues are saying, and let them know you’re hearing them.

“What is critical,” says Traeger, “is that others have the opportunity to struggle, learn and grow.”.

“This is about having more informal bonds and allowing them to see a different side of you.” The more personable you are with others, the harder it is for them to be nervous around you. Colene recommends being clear that you don’t intend to be intimidating, signaling that you’re open to working on the problem, and actively requesting more information.

So Opposition Leader John Briceño is skeptical of what was raised on Monday by Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte in News Five’s interview, where the legal officer said that so far he had not been able to get a statement from Forte concerning the alleged forgery, to counter a statement by Justice of the Peace Darlene Padron and her attorney Godwin Haylock that the signature was legitimate.

Briceño told us he believes it is an attempt at Government intimidation.

Chris” Hey Chris, You’ve got the dominance down pat, I bet. Math is easy 😉 The part of the equation you’re MISSING is SIMPLE: WARM dominance.

Women have evolved a subconscious mechanism to be aware of this fact about good-looking men, and that is why you find us intimidating. That's certainly possible, but it's up to you which explanation you think is more likely.It is obvious that the Government is trying to spin and trying to confuse the real issue. Where Miss Padron is saying that she has a copy of Miss Forte’s ID: Miss Padron is working in the Ministry of Natural Resources; everybody would tell you that when you go and you apply for a parcel of land you have to bring a valid photo ID, and then they take a photocopy and put it in your file. But just as important: if Miss Forte applied for this land because she wanted it for herself – a land that is worth anywhere between two hundred and three hundred thousand dollars, prime land in front of the sea in the northern part of Caye Caulker – why would she sell this prime property to the son of the former deputy prime minister Gaspar Vega, to Andre Vega, for thirty thousand dollars?It would be easy for Miss Padron to go to that file, photocopy that and say here’s the ID. He should have immediately suspended Miss Padron as a J.I read some of your work vin it’s some really good shit I can’t disagree with it. If that doesn’t make sense, think of it this way: Instead of seducing her like an animal, get her aroused like a warm wind. That should make the “intimidation” factor go away 🙂 It also depends on the Pandoras Box type of woman.Well if you ever get this email man just send me a little advice I would sure like to know was I’m doing wrong. I’m sure you can see how you’re intimidating to women, when I put it this way: * Looks plus * Body plus * Status = * Intimidating See?

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